Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding can be used to Repair & Renew your teeth. We can fix chips and cracks, close gaps and get your smile back on track with our transformative treatment, which a less invasive alternative to crowns and veneers.

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What is Composite Bonding?

Composite Bonding uses tooth coloured filling material to fix chips and cracks in your teeth. It can also be used to close gaps and reshape your teeth helping to transform your smile.

This technique often require NO drilling or preparation of your teeth, and the matrial can be added directly to your teeth.

This makes the whole treatment reversible.

What are the benefits of Composite Bonding?

If you have teeth that have been chipped, cracked or are different shapes then this technique can correct these irregularities making your teeth look clean, healthy and straight.

How long does it take?

Composite Bonding can be done in a single appointment. It takes on average 20-30 minutes per teeth. We can work on multiple teeth in a single appointment if this is needed.

Before we start your treatment, you will need a consultation appointment to discuss what it is you want to achieve, and to see if its possible. The treatment can then be planned and you will be provided will a written quotation.

Do I need to have impressions?

No. We do not need to take any impressions of your teeth for this technique.

How much does it cost?

The cost will depend on the amount of work needed for each tooth. As a guide it will cost £100-£150 per tooth.

The consolation appointment costs £75, and following on from this you will be provided with a full written quotation for your treatment.

What are the alternative options?

Invislaign, conventional braces and porcelain veneers are the alternatives to this.

Invislaign is an easy process of wearing a series of clear bespoke plastic trays (aligners) which are simply changed weekly to straighten your teeth. As the aligners are clear they are very discreet and no-one will even know your wearing them. They are also removable which allows you to eat what you want and to clean your teeth normally throughout the process

Conventional braces is your other option which is a brace that is fixed to your teeth and can be used to move teeth into their desired positions. They are particularly good for fine and precise movements.

Porcelain veneers would involve preparing “drilling” the tooth that you want to change and placing a porcelain covering over it. You can achieve a very high aesethic result with this, but often at the sacrifice of your teeth. They are likely to last 10-12 years before they will need replacing.

"I have recently started the process to have dental implants. I’m halfway through that, the care and attention and professionalism that I have received is second to none. Every step is explained. If anyone was thinking of routine or extensive dental work, you would not be in better hands."
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